829 Southdrive

829 Southdrive

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Sunday, February 26, 2012


Two years ago, my first ever post proclaimed this machine to be
"MVP of Winter 2010".  2011 saw record use.  The last time this 
snow-blower was running was in November, when I wheeled it 
out of my shed and into the garage and parked it, facing out, ready 
to plow my way out and down the driveway at the first sign of 
snowfall. The tank is full, just as it has been ever since the patio 
furniture took its place in the shed.  The only snow we were 
around for this winter was easily shoveled by hand in a half hour.  
I don't want to jinx myself, but that furniture is coming out soon.

These daffodils have been pushing through since early January,
and this week I'm going to throw some grass seed on all the tire
marks on the side of my curved driveway.  What did that dang
Punxsutawney Phil say a couple weeks ago?


  1. happy 2nd blog birthday, Baydog! drag out that patio furniture and celebrate!

    I actually used my snowblower this winter - but only once, and it was hardly worth it. this weekend was a forecasted snowmageddon, but it didn't pan out - more like a half inch of snow, and then a rainy/sleety mix with no accumulation.

    we don't have any spring flowers poking out yet, but I'm sure it won't be long.

    cheers, my2fish

  2. I don't own a snow blower but I do have an emergency generator that I've got to remember to fire up. We've had a wimpy winter down here as well. However I don't plan to complain so long as there's nothing I have to shovel.

    Wimpy winter or not I'm still looking forward to our regatta down in FLA in a couple weeks. As Jimmy Buffet would say: "where I go I hope there's rum!"

  3. Look, I'm from California and don't understand any of this, but could you explain the charcoal-powered snow blower.

    Can you really taste the difference in the snow?

  4. O Docker, the taste of the snow is highly dependent on the color.

  5. O Docker, if you use a chimney to start the machine, it may take half an hour. Squirt some 151 rum on the briquettes and you'll be blowing snow in minutes. You're toasting 'smores while your neighbors are still digging out their mailbox.

  6. You guys in the business know all the tricks.

  7. I see that you borrowed that blower from the Giants.

  8. You guys missed the whole point, the charcoal on the NY snow blower is really used to blow smoke up the opponets arse.

  9. I think the groundhog got intimidated when he heard we were swapping groundhog recipes over on Frogma.