829 Southdrive

829 Southdrive

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Time To Sail

After being behind most of the regatta, like 7 
other regattas this season , Eli and Ahmad 
sailing hull #9, cross the bow of Tom and Wes's
 red #3 boat.  Right before the finish, Bradshaw's
hiking strap unexpectedly loosened and he slid
 halfway into the water, causing their boat to slow.  
Luckily, their momentum carried them across in first.  
In the final race, Brady and Welker were trailing 
Manning on the last leg when they decided to take a 
flyer to the right side of the course.  A Hail Mary of 
sorts, but to no avail. Giselle was heard after the 
regatta responding to a heckling crowd at the trophy
 presentation and saying bitterly, "Tom can't steer 
the f****n boat and crew at the same time!"


  1. Later that night, Tom was heard saying to Giselle, " shut the F*** up and keep bailing"!

  2. I love these posts about sailing.

    And maybe you've discovered why some people sail one-man boats. If there's a screw-up, they always know who's fault it was.

  3. BD -

    What's the latest on Taru & Alex? That is more important than silly NFL threads.


  4. Latest on Taru and Alex? Taru likes San Pellegrino orange.

    That is more important than silly NFL threads?

  5. Progress for Tillerman? I think so. BH is giving me hell because he's an Eagles fan. It's okay though.