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829 Southdrive

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Calendar That's Really a Tea Towel

A fellow esteemed blogger wrote recently about his joy upon 
receiving a Tea Towel Calendar sent to him from yet another 
esteemed blogger.  I get the impression that his calendar will be 
safely stowed away or better yet, framed or hung somewhere safely
outside the reach of airborne stove-grease molecules or the grimy 
hands of a juvenile passer-by.  Mine, on the other hand, has had 
both animal broth and fermented grape juice spattered on it, and 
through the miracle of Spray and Wash came out of the dryer no 
worse for wear, and softer and more absorbent because of it.  I may 
retire it soon, but its tour of duty will not have been served in vain.  
Thanks, Bowsprite!  Can I reserve for next year?


  1. Your soft little terrible towel just needs a Jints logo on it and you're good to go at the tailgates next fall.

    The more vino stains, the better, dude!

  2. Our Gints 'terrible towels' have been vacuum-sealed along with the now-deflated football-shaped mylar Giants balloon, and all of the local Super-Monday newspaper editions (Star Ledger, Bergen Record, Daily News, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Trenton Times). We're not nostalgic though...Oh yeah, and also the NFC home championship tickets we received in advance in case the Saints beat the 49ers.