829 Southdrive

829 Southdrive

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

More Shameless Self-Promotion

At :15, I had my first 1.3 seconds of fame.  And it was sweet.
The printing company where my wife spends many hours each
day produced HP Epson prints of 2 blog posts of mine on foam
core to add some flair to my display table.  'Gravlax of Love
and 'The Root of Our Family Tree'.  They looked totally
 professional, although only a few guests even paused to read
 the informative text. That's okay, I know who appreciates 
my drivel.  Thanks for reading this. 


  1. Has this site morphed into a shamelessly self-promoted foodist blog?

    No, actually I think the greater weight of evidence suggests that it is only on its way to that kind of a destination. Salvation is still possible.

  2. Vlogging is the future. I'm going to follow your lead and do more vlogging too.

  3. vlogging? sounds European. must be the hip new thing.

  4. Gravlogging has been around since the Vikings.

  5. so much depends

    a cured lox

    glazed with dill

    beside the sliced

  6. Mojo, what are you doing in Atlanta?

  7. Not there! I think it has me in the Bronx, though it should have been Paterson, NJ.

  8. I am what you call a Zish
    I do not like green dill with fish
    don't put dill and fish on my dish
    for if you place a dill-fish dish
    in front of me you'll surely wish
    you never dished dilled fish to a Zish!

  9. Raw fish and salt?
    Have you overlooked
    That most of us eat
    Only fish that's been cooked?

    That's broiled or braised
    Or blackened or grilled,
    Not piled beneath
    Some rocks and some dill,

    And left on it own
    To sit in a pot
    Where most things would shrivel
    Or snivel or rot.

    And then you would name it
    For fish that's been buried,
    To tempt us to eat it?
    About you I'm worried.