829 Southdrive

829 Southdrive

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pictures at a Competition

The view from the lake of humanity.  I almost called it a sea, but
it wasn't quite that big.  Every person I stepped in front of to get 
a better view gave such a harumph, like I was blocking out the 
sunlight or something.  It's only snowboarding......look, you
can see it more clearly to the left on the Xtralarge-tron.
I almost called it a Jumbo, but it wasn't quite that big.

Had to get out of there.  Phew.  The Mrs. was still down there 
somewhere.  At least from this perch I located the Heineken
tent and quickly acquired an ice cold one.  From there I went and 
took a couple of bomber runs on the other side of the relatively
empty mountain.

Shaun White came away with 1st again, but is
becoming less and less comfortable with face-
to-face contact.  The Hairloom Tomato.

Once again, Louie Vito showed that he was still
down-to-earth, even after earning a respectable
second place finish.  This year, he asked my niece
and younger daughter to pose with him.  
They said fine, but make it quick!

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  1. So is that where winter ended up this year, because Mr. White or Senior Vito have not been seen on the mighty...hills...of Virginia this year, but its March so who knows. Maybe I will see them at one of Virginia's wine festivals.

    Any whoo, Congrats to the Flying Tomatillo because tomatillo's are so good in salsa..Muy Bueno!