829 Southdrive

829 Southdrive

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Sunday, August 19, 2012


When I first heard about the format of the upcoming
race, I thought, 'Prosciutt' Race and Pig Roast'?  As
Emeril says, pork fat rules.  You can never get too
much of a good thing.  Does the winner receive a
Parma Ham for top prize?  I can taste it already....
wait, maybe we should sail the race first.  The way it's
run, the 'slower' boats start first and the faster boats 
follow in order of performance ratings.  So far, there are 
seventeen boats registered.  Then, whoever 
gets line honors gets the Parma Ham.  And to top it
all off, they're roasting a pig to have ready for all the
clubmembers after the race.  Bring a side dish and your
 favorite alcoholic beverages.  I call the cheeks and 
trotters!  Hog Heaven. 
Life is definitely good on Barnegat Bay.


  1. Pursuit Races are so fun! If the handicaps are perfectly calculated and the sailing is equally perfect, everyone will finish at the same time. A real headache for the RC. And the Parma Ham will have to be sliced up.

  2. Ok Baydog, you called the cheeks and feet. Who will be claiming that big speckled nostril and tongue? What's the skinny on hog tongue (tip), anyway? I would need something very strong to wash that down.

  3. Line honors gets the Parma Ham? Don't get me started on the euro-swine.

  4. ... not to mention that when you humans get "roasted" at a dinner it's all yucks and grins.

    We get one last bite at the apple before really getting skewered.