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829 Southdrive

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I happened to click on my Blogger 'Stats' option a few minutes ago.
After having been blogging since the end of February 2010, my
site has logged almost 103 thousand pageviews.  It boggles my
mind. And what's even more perplexing is the next statistic:  the 
most viewed post to date is the one simply entitled  'Souse'.
Pig snouts and jowls and ears and feet, suspended in a
vinegared gelatin, usually derived from stewing the bones of the
animal from which the scraps originated.  Don't get me wrong;
this mosaic of offal products is the stuff dreams are made of.
But to be the single most-viewed post I've published?  There 
wasn't even one letter of witty, insightful text below the photo.  I've 
got to believe the majority of those viewers were Europeans, 
because Americans typically just don't eat this shit.  Except for me.

Look for an upcoming, textless post on 'Scrapple'.   


  1. I'm sure it's because your picture of souse appears on the top row of a Google Images search for "souse". I'm guessing that only a small % of the people using Google Images are looking for souse, but of those that do, most arrive at your blog.

    I was surprised when I discovered that Google Images was one of my major sources of traffic. That's why, for example, my post on Duct Tape gets as many hits as it does.

  2. tillerman beat me to the punch, but I would have guessed it's due to Google images, too. but how many people consult The Google for souse? really?

  3. Well, you know a Souse is also other than a tasty dish, such is the internet.
    When I first learned of the proliferation of hits from GI (unfortunate acronym), it occurred to me that it's nothing short of piracy. (check how many of those hits are also downloads)
    In the world of pirates, there are the romantic Disney type and the outright robber barons.
    Don't mean to sound bitter, it's all good fun - though someone is making money on your fine recipes.
    Call me cynical.


  4. I am the pirate usually, but not making any money from it. Although I think Keira Knightley has a crush on me.

  5. While I did not call attention to this fact in my comments on the original post, the word "souse" has some very old, traditional and more thirsty definitions...

    ... as a verb: to make drunk: inebriated
    ... as a noun: a drunkard

    Bottoms up!

    1. And when a Souse eats some Souse, all is good in the world. Who's got the cigar snip?

    2. "Mutual, I'm sure." (...Doris in White Christmas)

    3. W.C. Fields was way ahead of you, Mojo.

      He based an entire character on this little nuance of language.

      Of course, he had to add his own twist, as any French student knows that's no "accent grave" over the e in Sousé.

      I linked to this clip in my comment on Baydog's first post, but that link seems to be dead now.

    4. Mahatma Kane JeevesAugust 23, 2012 at 9:51 PM

      Accent Aigu!

      There goes the helmet.

    5. What he said...

      Seems to be a great deal of traffic for a country road.

    6. Give me the wheel.