829 Southdrive

829 Southdrive

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

BBYRA Kick-off

Today is the first BBYRA race day of the summer of 2013.
It's being co-hosted by Metedeconk River and Bay Head Yacht
Clubs.  Since neither of the clubs are adjacent to either racecourse
used by the BBYRA, Mantoloking Yacht Club is the base of 
operations, having access to the upbay, or Green Island course.

This course map is from 1976, and I don't
believe the buoy placement is the same
these days.  It does, however, give you
a good idea of today's race area.

Bay Head Yacht Club

Metedeconk River Yacht Club

I spent many summer days at MRYC, being just across
 the river from South Drive, and I think there
are still a couple of our banners hanging from the rafters.
I haven't sailed in a Bay race in decades, but I still
think about them every summer Saturday.  This year 
marks the 100th year of the Barnegat Bay Yacht
Racing Association.  Check out the trailer for a film
to be released next year celebrating this New
Jersey shore tradition


  1. Yes. Great traditions. Great video. And those Scows look like more fun than sex.

    I have loved competitive sports all my life. To me they represent a quality of intense art and drama which is uniquely unscripted. Yacht racing, in particular, exacts from competitors more non-stop mental and physical concentration than any other sport I can think of. I am not optimistic about my life, going forward, when it comes time for me to put aside my topsiders, sailing gloves, starting watch, and foul weather gear. Forever.

  2. Doc, either I am doing yacht racing wrong or you are doing sex wrong.

    1. {sigh} .... Skipper, I am speaking as one who has never done Scows.

    2. It's better to have done yacht racing wrong, than never to have done yacht racing at all.

      T, this is supposedly a family blog. Let's leave the nasty out of this.