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Monday, June 3, 2013

Where Did The Time Go?

Tomorrow is Commencement, but their plaque is already embedded
on the East end of Nassau Hall.  It was the scene of countless
photo opportunities today, and I swooped in with my cell phone
to grab a shot.  I hope Tim visits it before he leaves.

A sign I'd seen over five thousand times before. 

And every first Tuesday in June, this is the scene just across
Nassau Street. I'm thrilled to say that the weather is supposed to
be perfect tomorrow; much better than cramming into Jadwin Gym. 

I've mentioned Tim a few times over the past three years, usually
referring to his Water Polo prowess.  More importantly, he's an 
exceptional student and a perfect gentleman. He's my cousin
Julie's son, or my first cousin-once removed.  I have no interest
in removing him.  I prefer to call him my nephew. 

We had a backyard gathering yesterday to celebrate with Tim,
since Tuesday's ceremony is limited to immediate family.
The weather held out and it was essentially OFD in June.

I was a bit melancholy today, replaying in my mind highlights 
of yesterday's shindig, thinking about the fact that he won't 
be right up the road any more.  Considering he had been so 
close-by for four years, we still only saw him a few times a year, 
but it was knowing that he was around the corner that was 
comforting.  He knew that if he was ever in need of anything,
he had us.  And since he was here, we got to see his parents
more than usual, which at best is every other year otherwise.

We have high expectations for this guy, and we're confident
he won't let anybody down.  Go get 'em Tiger!!
We love you, man.


  1. We do love that man!! I am still recovering from yesterday's June OFD to celebrate his commencement, which apparently happens exactly one split second after graduation. The King is dead, long live the King!

  2. Oh wow...I got here via Facebook w/o knowing it.

  3. What wealth the young possess: all the years and decades in front of them. May their world be an improvement on ours.

  4. Not to divert from my nephew's big day, but for the benefit of Baydog's readers not familiar with the subject of his "sign" reference in the second photo, here is a closer look.

    The place where Baydog spent 5,000 nights is now Agricola. But the original sign remains.

    Where did the time go?

    1. Don't know. There were so few regrets.
      More important is where time will now be spent.

    2. Exactly. "Commencement" is not a one time event in our lives, but a series of beginnings that spring from the many changes, challenges and opportunities that life continually presents us.

    3. You could not step twice into the same river; for other waters are ever flowing on to you.

  5. congrats and best of luck to the young man!