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829 Southdrive

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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Knot Rocket Science

If there's one knot a sailor needs to know, it's the bowline.
If you need to secure your painter to a piling, tie a bowline.
If you need to tie your spinnaker sheet to the spinnaker
clue grommet, tie a bowline.  If the keg is floating away from 
the hoist area, tie a bowline to the tap assembly.  And so on.

I'm up on my extension ladder against an oak tree with 
my chainsaw.  There's a fairly thick limb that I want to cut 
down.  I don't want to fall whilst chainsawing said limb, 
so I tie myself around the trunk of the tree with a bowline.

The examples are endless.  A foolproof knot to use in
everyday situations.  Everyone needs to learn this knot.
Learn it.  Know it.  Use it. 


  1. well put Baydog.

    I've used the bowline several times this spring pulling a vehicle (wife got our little car stuck in the snow on the driveway at our land, and my brother-in-law got his van stuck out there too!) with a long length of rope. I wanted a knot that wouldn't cinch up too tight against either vehicle, and the bowline worked out great.


  2. When you were up in the oak tree with your chainsaw, did you notice a rabbit running around the tree?

    1. Funny, yes. It came out of its hole, ran around the tree, then went back in its hole. Or something like that.