829 Southdrive

829 Southdrive

A New Jersey state of mind

Thursday, June 23, 2011


The garvey is a classic Barnegat Bay work boat whose salad days
are long since past, but there are still a good handful of them
still plying (love that word - plying) the local waters.  I wondered
about the name of the boat, but then realized that the pilot did 
have the right to bare arms. If I had a garvey, I'd name her Steve.
Now that guy had big forearms.  I was more interested in the 
home port of the boat than I was the name.  Aserdayton, the 
skipper informed me, is a small hamlet that no longer exists.
Where? I asked.  Between Warren Grove and Tuckerton.
If my memory serves me, Warren Grove is not more than 
a bend in the road, so it wasn't difficult to imagine Aserdayton
not being there anymore.  I do remember Lucille's as being the 
the main business at that bend in the road, one of many
quirky roadside attractions one finds in the Pine Barrens
on the long desolate drive to Atlantic City.


  1. Lucille's is one of my breakfast spots when I bike through the Pine Barrens, from there we take the poor man's parkway to New Gretna and Allens Clam Bar for Oysters.

  2. If things go well (I can dream!) in Los Angeles next year, Steve Garvey will be among the new owners of the Dodgers.

  3. Lucille's - A fine oasis for the weary traveler on the Rt 539 trail. The French Toast is noteworthy.


  4. If I came across a Garvey I hadn't already met I would call him Peter because I already know Paul and Mary.

  5. Route 539 is one of those roads that you think no one else knows about.

    I think some of its haunting presence derives from the fact that, once a prisoner of its piney clutches, there is the very real danger you will never be heard from again.

    If it were not for Route 539, though, driving from Trenton to Atlantic City would take at least a week.

  6. 539 should be designated a National Historic Road

  7. SSShhhhhhhh! Everybody will know about it.

  8. can you really claim a homeport on a boat that does not exist anymore? really? so we don't have to go running to the Cook Islands anymore? hmmm, the possibilities are endless…