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Monday, June 13, 2011

More Meow

With the 2011 BBYRA season fast approaching, I once again am
hopeful to be asked to crew on one of the A-cats.  I've had the
good fortune to sail on Mary Ann alongside my Dad, and it's
an experience I won't ever forget.  It's hard to grasp the sheer
power the boats possess without being underneath the massive
sail and sitting high on the weather rail.  A true Barnegat Bay
rite of passage and an opportunity not to be passed up.  
These days, ties and boaters are optional.

Familiar scene from the Wanamaker course on a down-bay 
BBYRA Saturday:  the Seaside bridge in the background
and the unmistakable E-scows sharing the spotlight.

Eno's is long gone, but the A cat crews have been known to
meet at the Captain's Inn for cocktails after the annual
anchor-start race, hosted by Ocean Gate Yacht Club.

I don't know about stunned, maybe awed is a better word.

More proof that beer and sailing go hand in hand.


  1. Hi Dave, yes my son Jeff has an e-scow - he was just up at the Bilgeboarder Regatta in Mantaloking this weekend.

  2. Beer, ICE, and sailing go hand in hand!

  3. All readers should click (twice) on the 2nd photo to get the meaning of "lying decks". (Look at that guy in white!) My god, what people will do on boats to get to the finish line. It never ceases to amaze me.

  4. I think it's neither 'stunned' or 'awed', but 'bored' and 'thirsty' while the idiot photographer makes them all line up and stare at the dumb pickle dish like they've never seen one before.

    Don't get me started.

  5. On the mark, as usual, O Docker.

    Perhaps they were thinking deeply about how they might put that cup to a higher and better use?

  6. Great pics and remarkable some of the similarities with the old Norfolk Broads sailing cruisers