829 Southdrive

829 Southdrive

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Toms River Tune-up

E scows start in the shadow of the Seaside Bridge.

Forget all of the generations of beachgoers and
vacationers that have made this town an iconic summer
destination.  Two seasons and a bunch of idiots from
Staten Island turned Seaside Heights, New Jersey
into a world-wide phenomenon.  A dubious distinction.

Unfazed by the recent notoriety of the town in the
background, two scows work to weather.

The precise reason there are tune-up regattas.

The precise reason for masthead flotation devices.
As aluminum masts became more prevalent in the
early seventies, so did the possibility of getting one 
stuck in the mud if you capsized.  Wooden masts 
were quite a bit more buoyant, and your chances
of righting the boat and finishing the race were good. 

All of a sudden, I have an incredible urge for a beer.

Which kind of scows are these again?

Picture yourself in a boat off of Bayville
A tangerine palm tree that catches your eyes


  1. Aaaah. The Jersey shore. Many good memories. I've never seen that reality show. Probably just as well. I want to remember all the happy times at the real place, not the MTV version.

  2. Fond memories for me of sailing E-scows at a summer camp in Minnesota when I was 14. It really was a blast.

    Doc, I think the Ǝ-Scows are the ones they use for eye exams.

  3. Ah, I was thinking that was a Russian spinnaker!