829 Southdrive

829 Southdrive

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Header Photo

To answer a couple questions:  L to R, Baydog, 
cousins Cahil and Adam, and brother Hans.  
The boat we're sitting on is not anywhere near as
classic as a Sneakbox. 

It was a Scorpion, a Sunfish knockoff that my 
Uncle Gordy rented for that summer.

The Penguin behind us on the dolly was Dad's
'Vapor', 5158.  I'm not sure if it was Beaton-
built, or Wright-built out of Philadelphia.  This 
photo was taken from the dock at 829.  If
you look closely, you can see Metedeconk
River Yacht Club just off the bottom batten.

Now Wassail, 8839, was a Beaton that my Dad
had built for him.  I put in a good amount of time
on this boat until I got too big to be Dad's crew.

As lately as 2010, 8839 was being sailed on the Severn River.
Man would I love to buy her back some day!


  1. Wow.....! Thassall I can say about Wassail....!

  2. So, how happy are you & the rest of the Bayclan right now, anyways?

  3. About as thrilled and proud as fans could ever be!

  4. Thanks for fleshing out the story of your Dad's Penguins. Which club does your old Wassail currently race from? On the Severn I know that Indian Landing has Penguins.

  5. Not sure, only that she actually sailed a regatta on the Severn. She may be out of another club. For some reason I remember Tred Avon perhaps. For many years, a guy named Ed Lutz owned her and sailed around the Chesapeake and Mid Atlantic region. I noticed several years ago that he had her for sale on the IPCDA site for $1500 and I procrastinated and missed the chance of owning her.

  6. Wassail! wassail! all over the town,
    Our toast it is white and our ale it is brown.