829 Southdrive

829 Southdrive

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Beaton's Re-re-revisited

The back row at Beaton's.  Pardon the dumb-phone photos.
I can't tell how long ago this one was in the water last....her 
registration sticker fell off decades ago.

Rub-a-dub-dub.  Painting the garvey's interior battleship grey.
She'll be launched this week and probably moving boats soon.

Willow.  Looking at her up close, it's somewhat difficult imagining
her having been afloat only last summer, but it's nothing a fresh coat
of bottom paint can't remedy.

At the risk of using the incorrect nautical term, I'm just gonna
say that this looks cool.  You know, where the rudder connects
to the back end of the skeg.  There's got to be a name for that.

The new Beaton's store and office.

Thad, your next project boat awaits you on the sawhorses.

Looking south toward Forked River.  Way, way south.
There was a nice warm breeze blowing from that direction
and it made it not so difficult to imagine being out there real soon.


  1. the new store and office look really nice.

    I'll pass on another project boat - I've already got a few of my own, and I'm not sure I want to mess with a saltwater fish.

  2. I'll go for the project boat in the first frame. No easy jobs for me, thank you.

  3. IMO, the best thing (looking at the first photo) you can say about wooden hulls is that, when they are abandoned, they are biodegradable.