829 Southdrive

829 Southdrive

A New Jersey state of mind

Friday, August 31, 2012

Swamps of Jersey

We own real estate inside that building.  Two small
side-by-side plots, about 18"x36" each.  For at
least 10 days each year, and for about 3 hours on 
each of those days, we are masters of our domain,
landlords, ticket-holders, rabid fanatics, sore losers, 
tailgaters, shit-talkers, food-smugglers, beer-swillers, 
fans 'til the end,................ witnesses to greatness. 


New this year:  Xanadu has connected its indoor ski-slope with
the second mezzanine, greatly improving the flow of exiting fans
at game's end.  

The new tallest building in New York and still growing.

Adewale Ojomo, the Giants' undrafted defensive lineman, had
a good outing last night against the NE Patriots in the last
pre-season game.  I wonder what his blogging nickname would be?


  1. football starts tonight for my Spartans!

    when I worked on connection design for that project, we preferred to call it Xana-don't.

  2. I'm confused by this post. Of course I've already had a couple of adult beverages and might not have all my faculties. Mind you, I don't talk to empty chairs. But I have been known to buy invisible cats a drink or two. Cheers and go Niners!

  3. I'm confused. I don't know who Mr. Adewale Ojomo is so I looked him up on The Google.

    1. It says he is a "criminal justice major." That's impressive. I guess he must be a major in the US army and a lawyer too? But he's not wearing a major's uniform.

    2. It also says he is a "redshirt fresh man." He does look quite young, but it's a bit fresh to call him "fresh." And where is his red shirt?

    3. And it says he has 9.5 sacks. How strange. Why would someone want half a sack. You can't carry much coal in half a sack.

    I don't think I will ever understand American. Just think, if the French hadn't helped George Washington you would all be speaking English.

    1. good point, Tillerman. if 2 sacks were good enough for Jack Handey, they should be good enough for just about anyone.

  4. I'm so glad the pointy football season is back. I will be able to enjoy not understanding any of Baydog's posts at a whole deeper level all over again.

  5. If Adewale Ojomo is blogging, I'll make sure I don't offend him by asking if he ever played real (round) fútbol....

  6. I read this post entirely too fast.

    I thought you said Adewale Ojomo is the new tallest building in New York and still growing.

  7. I read this post entirely too fast.

    I thought you said you owned real estate on an indoor ski slope in Xanadu.

    1. In Xanadu do Giants fans an ugly exit ramp employ.