829 Southdrive

829 Southdrive

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Knack for Photography

I scratch my ear and I feel like I'm being nailed in the butt

I don't even ask any more, because I know MillieMac
will absolutely allow me to use her spectacular photos.
This one, among thousands of others, was taken in
beautiful Forked River, New Jersey.  

Had the nail been driven closer to the center of the piling,
it may have been more effective in keeping shorebirds 
from crapping on it.  I'm glad the nailer was off-center.

BTW:  MillieMac, will you crew for me this Saturday?


  1. She sure does have talent and a great "eye".

  2. Carol, you are far more of an influence than you will ever know!

    Baydog, I know my photography will be in good hands. I'll shoot, you write and our book will be out soon!

  3. It's a wonderful photo!

    But it would appear that the nail is doing quite a fine job of preventing the subject from crapping on the piling. It's no stool.