829 Southdrive

829 Southdrive

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Monday: Quiet After the Storm

Hazel making sure the ducks, geese, and swans are moving 
along.  Shhhhh..... It makes her feel important.

Hubris.  With only 1200 HP, she's got 1187 more horses than me.
It seems like she spends more time at the dock than Bay Rhumb.

Proof that global warming is no farce.  Palm trees in New Jersey.

The backdrop couldn't have been better, except if it was less blurry.
A Barnegat Bay A Cat with the Barnegat Lighthouse in the distance.
And Dad's ashes are still stirring around on the bay floor.

Spy, from Island Heights, had a leisurely sail downbay toward
Surf City, and then doubled back downwind home to its Toms
River mooring.  This may very well be the first time I've seen an
A Cat on the bay on a day other than a Saturday.  When I spotted 
the huge mainsail on the southern horizon, I made a concerted effort
to cross behind her, allowing me to snap some shots.  I think they 
thought I was stalking them.

When daddy sails without mom on board, the cockpit cushions
stay down below.  Sailing isn't always supposed to be comfortable.
Doggie seemed to adapt to the hardship.

With a bone in our teeth, we sailed to weather into the prevailing 
southerly breeze, knowing that in about an hour or so, we'd reach
the mouth of Forked River.  After enduring the raucous 
surroundings of tailgating and the following game the day before, 
this was the perfect ending to that most satisfying two day stretch.


  1. I see what you did there. No boat updates from us 'til next weekend due to participating in a family event this weekend.

  2. I hope you were following your proper course with a bone in your teeth while messing about in your sailboat and writing these mid-atlantic musings.

  3. Very nice Baydog(s)! Hubris probably can't afford to feed all those ponies. Enjoyed the too short video on the bay.

    1. George, by the looks of the cars in his stable, I actually don't think he's got a problem feeding the ponies.

  4. It looks like your crew was dreaming of a bone in her teeth.

    1. Or a squirrel, or the mailman, or the kitchen floor directly beneath my cutting board.

    2. Now that you mention your cutting board, I guess you're lucky that dog doesn't weigh 200 pounds.