829 Southdrive

829 Southdrive

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

MetLife Stadium: Where I Belong

Father and son.  My Dad would always say, "Let 'er rip!"

The Falce boys came loaded with dough, sauce and cheese.
And a wooden pizza board that's been handed down through
the generations.  Take my word for it.

The pies kept coming.  But a German Spatlese with pizza? 
Questionable.  Joe redeemed himself with some homemade 
Chateauneuf du Pape.  Extraordinary.  Game on.

So much pizza that they had to start giving it away to arriving 
traffic. What a welcoming sight:  'Take this paper plate and a slice 
of my pizza pie while you're looking for a parking spot.'

Only the regulars got to swoop in on the New Zealand green 
mussels with herbs, beer, and butter.  Holy shit.

Grilled marinated pork loin and curry-coconut chicken skewers.
Are we in heaven?  Yes, we're in the Meadowlands.

There's that number 43 again.

We get the shivers every time as we approach this hallowed arena.
BTW, that's not me to the left.

Me, outside another somewhat well-known venue.

My beautiful wife and me standing in our section, with our backs to 
the playing field.  The lions fared much better in this stadium than 
they did in the previous one.  

The Rochester Road Crew, Rose and Scott, who sit directly
behind us for every home game.  He listens to the broadcast
and often has the inside scoop before we even have a chance
to stand up and scream.  They're awfully dedicated fans who 
drive 6 hours each way for every game.  And we moan when
we have to drive an hour home to Lawrenceville.  Waaaaaah.

The crew stayed behind about 15 minutes to snap this photo of
the scoreboard.  A veritable statfest.  I love these guys.
And the Giants too.  Good to be back on track.

And thanks to the heads up from Rochester, I learned of the passing 
of someone who, with his Dad, kept us NFL fanatics up-to-date
with the comings and goings of the National Football League, with 
unparalleled footage, editing, soundtrack, and commentary of the
greatest game in the world.  This may have been the longest run-on 
sentence in the history of blogger.com.  Don't care.  I got a little
misty when I heard the news.  Jersey boy done good for sure.


  1. sweet pictures! amazing looking food, too!
    pointy football season is in full swing, baby!

  2. Replies
    1. LOL....that would make a good bumper sticker.

    2. Actually it was a bumper sticker! I had quite a collection on my old Sunfish trailer. Check out my 2005 post on Bumper Stickers.

      And read the comments too. This one really brought out the "haters".

    3. That's where I got the idea. :)

  3. Baydog, try adding smoked oysters to a Canadian bacon & pineapple pizza. Amazing Grace is what we used to call them!

  4. I watched NFL films religiously, Steve Sabol's passing is a huge loss. What I can't remember is when did NFL films come on, Saturday or Sunday before the regular games? I

  5. So, why does it always, ultimately fall to me to ask the big question?

    Who took the "Let 'er Rip" photo?

    1. I saw it and I had to snap it. They couldn't even walk a few feet into the reeds like the rest of us civilized folk.