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Thursday, June 6, 2013

What I Intended To Say. Or Not

The two readers to whom I had connections in the last post were
Tillerman and Mojo. Mom, or Mojo, if you're reading this, 
you need to tell me where I went wrong grammatically.  
It's horrific every time I re-read it.

Tillerman has run alongside Carnegie Lake on the canal towpath and
Mojo rowed for the Bulldogs against the Tigers at least a few times.
He trained with the Bulldog Masters 8 this past weekend on the 
same body of water in preparation for some 
Henley shindig in July of this year.  Watch for the report!

This mug was a trophy I received for being a dumb nine-year old 
who pulled the string to twist the mast in the direction of the wind
every time my Dad tacked the red Penguin, Wassail.  Evidently,
I twisted the mast well enough for us to place that fall
Saturday morning on Carnegie Lake in Princeton, NJ, one of the 
few worst places to race a sailboat in the state of New Jersey.
Where are the other places you might ask? Hmmmmmm.
Lake Hopatcong.  Packanack Lake.

After the morning races, we all packed up the boats and went into 
town to Palmer Stadium, where the Princeton Tigers hosted Colgate.
It was there that I realized where toothpaste came from.     

O Docker and Tillerman remembered the championship summers
in their comments, and I commend them for that.  I'm touched.


  1. Congratulations.

    Cooper River should be up there with Packanack Lake and Carnegie Lake in the "Worst Places in New Jersey to Sail a Sailboat Hall of Shame."

    That was a great quiz. Thank you for that.

  2. Lake Hopatcong is a great place to sail when there are no powerboats on it. I was told that is why LHYC have their club races early on a Sunday morning. Out of the summer and even earlier in the day midweek in the summer it is close to heaven.

    1. Yeah, I shouldn't be so hard on Hopatcong. We have had some gorgeous sailing days when the wind decided to blow. How did I forget Cooper River?

  3. Ditto Tillerman's observation re: Cooper River! Gets my vote. (Although I'll probably be up there this fall for one of the Sundays of the frost bite series).

  4. I only "sailed" at Cooper River once. I've been trying to forget about it ever since. To be fair, it was a day with almost zero wind but we raced anyway.

    There are some other lakes up in N. Jersey near Hopatcong that are almost as tiny as Packanack. The Sunfish sailors seem to love them.


    A Pabst Blue Ribbon would fit quite nicely in that Penguin Sailing Trophy, try not to get too misty buddy but you have to admit, using that fine container to down a PBR and reflecting upon that day would be, I hope, in a way... wonderful.

    Be cool my Brother

    1. PBR is too "mid-west" for that mug. Baydog needs to fill it with Ballentine's Ale. That and occasionally Esslinger's was all my old man would drink until P. Ballentine and Sons was snapped up by Falstaff. After that he drank Ortlieb's and said that Falstaff cheapened the brew. The irony for Ballentine's is that this originally New Jersey beer, to bring us 'round full circle to Manassas, is that currently the Ballentine Ale brand is owned by PBR who in turn outsource its production to Miller Brewing...

    2. Wow, my head is spinning....Ironically, George, Ballentine's Ale was a favorite of my Dad's. PBRs are my standard tailgating beer.

    3. And yes, Manassas, a PBR would fill the mug nicely...actually a PBR and a half.

  6. Never drink beer--any beer-out of a coffee mug. It's much better in the can/bottle.

    Never try to sail on Carnegie Lake. It was built for rowing. Wind, if it should appear, is frowned upon.

    1. ... and to which horrifically wrong (grammatically) post were you referring?

    2. Maybe it wasn't that bad if you're asking.......

      Carnegie Lake was most definitely made for rowing, and for Einstein to sail upon, and for Tillerman to run alongside.

    3. Einstein was way too bright to attempt sailing upon Carnegie Lake. But Legend has it that he occasionally co-opted the crew coaches for a spin behind the launch.