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829 Southdrive

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Another great Friday

It's cool to motor by this creaking hull on the way down the river.
We don't know if she's still working; she wasn't there last year,
so at least she's mobile.  Awfully rusty though.  This may very
well be her final resting place.  Good choice, I think.

One of dozens of Catalina 30s on the bay.  This one's in need of
some TLC, although the name and port of call seem to be freshly
applied.  I like the all-encompassing idea of just saying plain,
"Barnegat Bay, NJ".  I really do.  The thought had crossed my
mind before.  Who do I know of that sails a Catalina 30?

As we spilled out into the bay from Forked River, this barge was
straining hard to port in hopes of avoiding this can.  He did, barely.
When we came back up river later, we saw these guys pulling
 a huge stump out of the water directly in front of a launch ramp.
That wouldn't have caused too much of a problem, would it? 

Pete at the helm as JT sings on the newly installed stereo. 
Living large now.  I intended to post a story about the James
 Taylor/Carole King concert last night in Philadelphia.  One of
 the best I've ever seen.  I'm 49.  I've been to a few good
 shows.  Unfortunately I wimped out and didn't bring my
camera inside, and therefore used my cellphone for pictures
 and video all night.  It was a complete waste of time.
  Using the cellphone.  Not the concert.

Sailing south, approaching channel marker 40, just east of the mouth
of Cedar Creek, the scene of my launching mini-nightmare, regarding
Sea-Tow, low tide and late starts.  Water under the bridge.

"Gumbo" is a unique fishing boat; I don't quite know what she goes
out for.  Maybe oysters and okra and andouille.  Dunno.  If I ever
come aside her, I'll ask for sure.  You'll all be the first to know.

The view from the BI marker, inside the Barnegat Inlet, looking
 out through the inlet itself, with Old Barney standing guard just
 to the right.  The inlet is notoriously rough and tricky to navigate.
The town that hosts the lighthouse is named simply "Barnegat Light".
That is the northern tip of the world-renowned Long Beach Island,
aka "LBI".  You'll see those oval stickers and magnets on cars 
from Canada to Mexico.  I think Martha's Vineyard started the
whole foreign car "oval sticker" thing with MV.  I've got a couple
of those plastered on my original Playmate cooler, which is missing 
the spring in the release button to open the lid.  Come to think of it, 
my wife threw that away the last time the basement flooded .
The land directly north of the inlet is the southernmost tip of
Island Beach State Park, a long strip of pristine beaches and
dunes enjoyed by beach-goers, fishermen, kayakers, and sailors.
Come visit us.  You'll be hooked from the get-go.


  1. Pristeen beaches and dunes are almost redundant in the decadence context. Too much of a good thing is even better.

  2. Beautiful day out there. Got an error message on the video, but went to youtube and searched for June 2010 027.AVI and it came up and ran fine. Might want to re-enter embed code. JT and Carole King concert and a nice sail the next day? Wonderful.

  3. Video's running fine, now! Wanna be there! Awesome post!

  4. There's mounting evidence to support the theory that rising sea levels over the past 30 years have been caused not by climate change but by the vast number of Catalina 30's now afloat.

  5. You know I was going to post and expand on that point, O'Docker.

    Unused and unmaintained derelict fiberglass boats don't die off, disintegrate and sink like their derelict wooden predecessors. They hang around forever, becoming place-holders in slips. There will always be more fiberglass afloat tomorrow than there was yesterday.

    (This comment should not be misconstrued as a promotion of wooden boat ownership or as a knock on Catalina 30's.)

  6. I think the designers of the Catalina 30 thought of everything, Doc.

    If you neglect the portlights, they'll eventually leak enough rainwater to sink the boat. Brilliant!