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829 Southdrive

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The finer things

By now some of you might be wondering where the oyster
obsession came from.  It may have stemmed from my parents'
love of oysters and the trips we made to Maryland when I was
little.  I'm sure I didn't eat them at that time, but a seed was
definitely planted and farther down the road, there was a Eureka
moment when I knew that they were to be one of my
favorite foods.  My kids even enjoy them from time to time,
which makes me so proud.  My wife, on the other hand,
will stick to shrimp and lobster thank you very much.
I'm still very proud of her as well.
P.S. - I so tower over my mom now 


  1. I love oysters, but about half the time, they don't like me. I've been told it's probably not the oysters themselves, but that oysters are prone to being tainted with other things that some people are sensitive to. Argh.

  2. Is that a mountain of oyster shells behind you in the photo?! K

  3. Yes, I think we overdid it a little. Love you

    Carol Anne, there's always a risk when eating raw foods.

  4. Another thing I miss about 'back east'.

    Oysters don't seem to be as popular here.

    I remember 'raw bars' being the hot new thing in the late '70s, especially in DC. Still?

    My wife has that same thing about raw oysters. Something about the texture, I think.

  5. We visited Hiroshima a couple of years ago and the oysters were wonderful.

    Didn't your neighbors complain when your shells overflowed the fence into their yard? ;^)

  6. You can never have enough oysters nor find ways to enjoy them. I open tins of smoked oysters and distribute the contents over any otherwise boring pizza that needs reviving.

  7. PB: My dad had a driveway of crushed oyster shells like the walkways in colonial times.

    Doc: Smoked oyster pizza. I'll take one!