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829 Southdrive

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Last full day in paradise

This T-shirt reminded me of someone.

Friday night in Corolla, NC.  North Banks was a good choice for
dinner.  We waited over an hour, but were prepared for it.  This
plate looks a bit messy, but the flavors were there.  Grilled Yellowfin
Tuna, rare, and served with mashed red potatoes, slaw, wasabi aioli,
ginger, and a sweet soy glaze.  Fresh is an understatement.
Dad was quiet and happy.

My wife always says if there is an afterlife, she's coming back as a
pelican in North Carolina.  I'm there with her.  Up and down the
beach they fly, all day long, in perfect formation, following the break
in the waves about a foot above the water.  Effortlessly, absolutely
mesmerizing.  Cameras can rarely ever do them justice.
This picture is no exception.

Looking north toward Corolla.  These beaches are never crowded,
 only attended by the renters of the houses that line the beaches.
If you park your car on the road next to the beach,  Cha-Ching!  

Looking south toward Duck.  Same parking rules apply.

She who keeps watch on the upper deck.  An overturned chair
prevents her from discovering the back stairway that leads all
the way down to the ground, where she could pursue her
trespassers and tear them to pieces.  If she wanted to.

The last supper.  Aforementioned braised oxtails with mezze penne
and their natural juices.  Yum.  A simple salad and pinot noir
completes dinner.  As many simple dinners as we had this week,
I had to make something that made my wife shake her head
and roll her eyes. 

The view from the front of the house. 

After the last supper, my wife and I went back to the beach
for probably the last time.  We tried to take pictures of the 
moon rise and me swimming in the dark, but to no avail.
We need a real camera for that.  Underwater, I could hear
the porpoises clicking loudly nearby, which made my
evening swim completely worthwhile.  It will take me
several days to get over my sadness and depression
about leaving this heaven on earth. 


  1. "... We tried to take pictures of the
    moon rise and me swimming in the dark, but to no avail. We need a real camera for that. Underwater, I could hear the porpoises clicking loudly nearby..."

    The porpoises had real cameras?

  2. Those are paparazzi porpoises...

    The yellowfin dish looks delicious, and those beaches great. I'd want to stay too.

  3. Thank you for sharing your Outer Banks experience with us. It sounds wonderful. You have made me want to go there.

  4. What I want to know? Who's been wearing my shirt, eating my yellow fin, shooting my pelicans and driving on my beach? Who?

  5. No driving Doc, just thriving. I thought of all my fellow bloggers and what they may have thought about so many different scenes that I saw. You all were there with me.

  6. Hey, wait a minute, the Outer Banks looks suspiciously like Mantaloking or LBI... are you sure you drove all the way down to North Carolia? K

  7. Looks wonderful and great food too