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829 Southdrive

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lazy, Hazy Days

Livy Pulitzer

Crabs from the Machipongo Clam Shack just south
of Exmore, Virginia on the DelMarVa peninsula
just north of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel.

BBQ Brisket sandwich from Pigman's on the Outer
Banks.  Great Cole Slaw, Fried Okra, Corn Bread,
and the most insanely good Hush Puppies with
supplied honey butter.  Can you tell by now that I
like black pepper?

The promised Para-sail ride, on the Roanoke sound.

The sail was only about 12 minutes, but they
seemed fairly thrilled with the high.

The big girls on the beach after dinner.

The little girls on the beach after dinner.

A ghost crab.  By day they are the most elusive
creatures on the planet.  They spend all day
digging their holes, and if you so much as blink,
they scurry back down their holes.
At night, they are all but paralyzed by the
flashlight, like a crab in the headlights.
They are basically there for the taking,
if they were worth taking.

Wiener Dog in her most content state.  Way too hot
during the daytime hours, she stays inside and watches
the World Cup.  She got a bit nervous, but Germany
beat Ghana.  She would have otherwise shredded
the couches. 

Way too fat and happy..........

That this one still loves him like she does.

Who brings oxtails to the beach?  I do, of course.  They were
cryovac-ed, and frozen and made great freezer packs to
keep my Enbrel cold for the two day trip to NC.
I threw them in the oven to brown at 250 at about 10:30, and
went to the beach.  Just before noon, I came back to check
on them, and the US vs Algeria game was in the 84th minute,
tied at nil-nil.  I couldn't go back to the beach before the end
of the game.  It didn't look good, but around two plus minutes
into extra time, the US scored on a Landon Donovan goal and 
I screamed so f'in hard for so long, I kinda lost my voice.
It was worth it.  It reminded me of the last Giants' Super
Bowl win.  Yes, when it's US against the world, I'm a
soccer fan, a big soccer fan.  It's all about patriotism.  


  1. Weiner Dog Weiner Dog Weiner Dog YAAAAAY!

  2. And the rest of the family too! YAAAAAY!

  3. Just seemed wrong to only cheer for the dog, y'know?

  4. Looks like a full day.

    I like the symmetry of both beginning and ending the day with crabs, but I'm starting to think maybe the wiener dog is your family's spiritual center.

  5. Yeah, Baydog. I screamed so loud, Doberwoman jumped off my lap and ran outside! (She's not a fan, but she'll like anything that gets me to watch TV with her!)

    Bafana Bafana!!!

  6. Looks like fun! Let me know how Weiner dog behaves during the next US game on Saturday. Could be a nail-biter (or couch shredder) of a match!

  7. Hazel gets to relax at last after pulling a "sled" all day. :p