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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Home Cookin

Food from the last couple of nights Dad's been home
for dinner. Friday was hand-formed burgers (we like
Bubba Burgers too, in a pinch). I made a cucumber
salad with dill and sour cream for my girls, but I sauteed
a bunch of kale from the farm for myself. Can you
guess what the dark brown pieces are in the kale?

Sunday dinner after sailing. Orzo salad
with vegetables from the farm: sauteed spinach,
roasted fennel, sauteed zucchini, chopped oregano,
thyme, tomatoes, black olives, and queso fresco
with olive oil and red wine vinegar. Next month,
I can use Jersey tomatoes, and throw in some
roasted Silver Queen corn to add some extra
texture and sweetness. I can't wait.
BTW, thanks to Sharon for my inspiration. 

I grilled some oysters for about 5 minutes on high with
 the lid closed. When you start to hear hissing and popping
 and you smell the oyster liquor dripping and vaporizing
 on the burners, you know you're close to chowtime.

A couple weeks ago, my wife came upon a deal that
could not be passed up.  The Stop and Shop was running
a Snow Crab Cluster special for $4 a pound.  She got
4 pounds.  Steal of the week.  My family loves crab.
We re-used the New York Times for the tablecloth.
Sometimes I think it's better used that way first. 
We pigged out, and then had Entenmann's donuts
for dessert.  I'm not sure Entenmann's is nationwide,
but they should be. 


  1. Entenmann's are not nationwide, but oysters are. And crab is universal.

  2. Looks like a kind of marinaded meat in the kale but I'll guess my wishes and say it's shiritake mushroom (which goes great with kale).

    It all looks wonderful. Snow crab is pricey in Japan, but we get it once in while courtesy of the manager of a rykokan (Japanese inn) that we do translation favors for from time to time. Somehow being a gift makes it taste even better. ;^)

    word verif: userat - what they do for a main dish in some Cambodian restaurants.

  3. You sure Entemann's isn't nationwide? We have them in New Mexico, and things have to be pretty widespread to show up out here.

    Yeah, my guess for what's in the kale was shiitake, too.

  4. Foie Gras scraps, rendered like bacon, then the kale was sauteed in the fat. Sorry guys, shiitakes would have been great too. I'm hoping the goodness of the kale canceled the badness of the foie gras!

  5. Baydog said "I'm hoping the goodness of the kale canceled the badness of the foie gras"

    Maybe it did for you, but it didn't matter to the duck!

    Difference between being involved and being committed:
    In a ham and egg breakfast, the chicken is involved, but the pig is committed. ;^)

  6. Actually, the chicken's future potential offspring are fully committed as well. What am I doing?