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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

OFD '71

1971 was a weird year for me and my nuclear family,
 but come Thanksgiving, much was done to keep things 
as normal as possible.  And I'm thankful for that.  Don
became our family Father figure that day, and also 
was the consummate family videographer, way before
the word videographer became commonplace.  These few 
clips I'm sharing with you all are priceless to us and reveal
some very traditional goings on around our bunch on the 
most meaningful of days:  Thanksgiving. Way before 
Facebook, Uncle Don came up with his own acronymal
expression for Thanksgiving and spraypainted it (I'm
thinking it may have been Easy-Off) on the half-bow
window of his family room, nee garage.  What a 
creative place on which to declare the title of his 
holiday film!  Decades later,
THXG took the place of TGNG.  IKR?  LOL!

Lunch on the deck before the annual Thanksgiving
Day backyard brawl that would ensue well before 
the sandwiches were digested.  My brother and I were
literally inhaling our food, especially Hans to the right.
At one point I stood up to make a point, but was 
quickly told to sit the hell down by my cousin Mojo.
"If you're gonna talk the talk, you better
walk the walk",  he said.

And walk the walk I did.  Immediately after Mojo caught
the pass from Hans, I threw his ass down like a sack of
knob celery.  Then my long bomb to Julie, which burned 
Hans like a piece of Pumpernickel, sealed the game-
winning drive.  There's nothing like football on OFD. 


  1. Baydog -

    Magical video.

    BTW - I thought the spotting of the ball was suspect which led to the touchdown.

    I hope your Thanksgiving celebration is filled with family and fellowship.


  2. Reminds me of the Kennedy family movies (except of course that you and Mojo are more handsome than Jack and Bobby.)

  3. Baydog... I am speechless. Your creative and editorial talents are breathtaking. How did you you manage to transfer these videos?

    Looking at my dad in the first frame brings back his passion for OFD and the penultimate annual family gathering. The strange thought that I just had was that in viewing that that clip now he looks vaguely like Jack Nicholson in "The Shining"... redrum

    As to the smackdown in frame two, it was an opportunity for you to learn to respect your elders. (Note, also, to sister Julie.)

    Your game recap in frame three is patently delusional and revisionist, if I might say. I am not disputing the featured scoring play, which pitted the 5'-2" cornerback Hans against the 5"-10" Julie, but Hans and I were surely up by multiple TDs at the point of that freak scoring play.

    You can look it up.

  4. Regarding the editorial talent, surely you heard my dishwasher running in the background. And Hans was lucky if he was 4'6". "Now go long. On one, ready....break!" I think we rushed on 3 sweet potato.

  5. Let's not forget the indoor arena...

    ... the defensive line of my bedroom doorway that you rushed on the imaginary snap, only to be stopped by the Purple People Eaters!

    Good thing we had the cushions.

    I cant believe this WV: boring ??... 'sup with that?

  6. And if you tried to jump over the linemen, you'd clothesline yourself on that chin-up bar.

    Boring is a word I hear more often from the younger generation. We never had time to be bored.

  7. Nice catch by Julie (how fast does she run the 40). Was that a spread offense you where running? I ask because Hans was definitely out of position. (which is a nice way of saying he got "owned" by Julie). I kid because I love Hans...