829 Southdrive

829 Southdrive

A New Jersey state of mind

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Sunset on Greenwich Cove, on OFD.  It's one of the many things
we do routinely that day.  Hors d'Oeuvres and drinks upon
arrival around noon, family photo around 3ish, then hem and haw
about taking a walk, then take the walk in staggered starts walking
assorted dogs, invariably winding up all together at the end of the
street down by the cove.  This year it was low tide, and the clams,
mussels, and oysters were all exposed for some neat beachcombing.

Gravlax, oysters, cheeses, smoked fish spread, tuna tartare,
dried fruits, olives, pickled herring, and candied nuts were out
for nibbling.  Every year someone says, "Next year we should 
just have hors d'Oeuvres and forget dinner."  Yeah, right.

Friday morning saw bagels just out of the oven with chive cream
cheese and the scantest amount of leftover salmon.  One look out
the back porch and we knew we'd been around the wine world
the night before.  Mojo lovingly refers to this photo as the 'class
 of 2011'. There were dogends in the ashtray, suggesting 
that we may have had a smoke or two as well.

On to Vermont the next day to recuperate from the
overindulgence of the day before.  We dressed loudly to
be easily seen by the local hunters, and ventured into
the woods to cut down fresh Christmas trees for $5
each.  Some of the garments are from the 70's.
Careful with that chainsaw, Grampa.....

Very funny.  Now put the saw away, Charlie Brown.

Four Wiener Drive.  She would have been
pissed if she were left at home.

Grampa felled his tree, then kept the top ten 
or so feet of it.  Ironically, after his tree was 
out of the way, the tree behind it was the best
specimen we'd seen all day.  

We came out of the woods about a hundred yards down the
road from where we went in.  In the process, we sank in a slushy
bog 'til our boots were filled with ice water and we had to kind of
chainsaw our way out to the road.  There was hot soup on the
stove when we got home though, and soon all hardships
were forgotten.  All that and a five dollar tree.  Priceless.


  1. Doc, back east, the Christmas season begins before Halloween, so Thanksgiving weekend is hardly too early to get a tree for some people. We (my nuclear family) usually get a tree 2 weeks before Christmas.

    Grampa's tree will stand upright, outside against the back of the house, in a bucket of water for about two weeks before coming inside. It's cut down this particular weekend because there are younger helpers around to get it out of the woods. I was impressed that his two Titanium knees led us out, wielding the chainsaw the whole way!

  2. Priceless, indeed.

    "dogends in the ashtray" ---
    Oh Hazel, you've got some 'spaining to do!

  3. Your Shot of the night after deck vaguely resembles the bench of the NY Giants.

  4. Couldn't help myself,you have been there I'm sure!