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829 Southdrive

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Accidental Visitors

Once in a while I check the real-time view on Feedjit, 
just to see where readers are coming from and more 
interestingly, if and what they googled to arrive here. 
 Lately, the most popular google is 'fried chicken'. 
I actually used this photo in a post last year, and may
have mentioned fried chicken once or twice, but I
think it's kinda funny.  If you google image 'fried chicken'
you will undoubtedly have an instant craving.  Wow, 
some unbelievably enticing photos.

Some of the recent visitors have been from Ontario,
Tacoma, Brooklyn, Shreveport, and Lawrence, Kansas.
Lawrence, you're not in Kansas any more.  You're
in New Jersey.


  1. I think most visitors to my blog got there accidentally. Nobody would go there on purpose.

  2. So blogs are like life in yet another way - most people get here accidentally.

  3. And a blog has to be growing for 9 months before anybody actually sees it.

  4. And they say today, most people go looking for blogs online.

  5. But can a blog be called a blog after the first post, or must it stand the test of nine months worth of posts? And does the time it takes for the first comment to be published have anything to do with its blogworthiness?

  6. My blog has been out there for one year now, although I have had only a few people comment, Baydog and Pandabonium mostly, I write this blog for me. However, I do enjoy seeing the Countries from which my viewers hail. Would more comments make me smile, without a doubt, but that is not the most important aspect.

    17000 views might be an accident, I hope that whatever drew them to this site,they left knowing how someone else leads their life.

  7. Sandscraper: Shut up and go fishing. I can't wait to see what you reel in next.

  8. If you put us up in your humble abode when we visit, I promise to cook for you morning, noon, and night. And squirt down your boat after we come in.

  9. Were the chickens "acccidental visitors"? They'll never do that again. :o

  10. Even more recently, 'anchovies' has been a popular Feedjit google. I think we were discussing them about a year or so ago on some pizza discussions?