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829 Southdrive

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Assorted Penguin Guano

Okay, maybe it does blow on Cooper River.  Just goes to show 
you to keep plugging even if you don't get a bullet.

Staten Island  Penguin racing 1973.

Dad and Jill sailing 8839 in the Port half of the photo.
The cunningham is a little loose for the start, no?

Some pointers ala 'The Penguin Patter-1979'.
A couple of collegiate sailing team announcements
as well.  It's always fun to see who's going where.


  1. So were you crewing for your Dad when he won that regatta? Pretty good beating McCausland and Colie! I have sailed against Jim Greenfield too. I hesitate to click on Joe's video link but I guess I will have to!

  2. It was probably one of the last times. The max crew weight was 265 I think and I was getting bigger.

  3. Speaking of assorted Penguin guano, in 1973 I photographed Penguins whenever they showed up at the Spectrum. Must have been a frostbite series.

    There was no 265-lb crew limit.

  4. Takes me back to 1955, when my Dad and I sailed my first race and I caught the bug that has afflicted me for a lifetime. Congratulations, BTW, on that masthead graphic!

  5. Second Tillerman's thoughts. Pretty impressive group of racers in that Cooper River Penquin regatta. My recollection is that Dave Branning was a very good Laser sailor as well in the 70's.