829 Southdrive

829 Southdrive

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Dinner at the Shore

Krowicki's white corn just as sweet as can be
Kernels pop in your mouth, ears gone one two three

Tomatoes from Jersey and Pennsy as well
with olive oil and basil and mootzadell

The lobsters gave nobly their bodies for flavor
and sauce for the scallops (not shown) we did savor 

We could have eaten dinner by seven o'clock 
but I insisted on making the lobster stock  

The shells were strained out and the stock was reduced
and by nine o'clock, all of the dinner guests were seduced


  1. Scallops with lobster sauce and no pictures of the final product??

    Are you playing with us, Baydog?

    I know... no sooner did the scallops land on the plates, and...

    ... hey, where's my camera?

    Too late.

  2. Yeah, and I didn't get the trademark sear on them due to the fact that I was sold 'wet' scallops when I was told they were dry. And I thought $18.95 a pound for dry scallops was a decent price in a resort town on Labor Day weekend.......Shame on me. The sauce more than made up for them.

  3. It might have been the wet scallops, or perhaps it was the Magic Chef stove in your holiday rental kitchen?

    We will take comfort that the souse enjoyed his sauce.

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  5. Good strategy in making them wait.

    I've always found that ravenous and drunken dinner guests appreciate the meal a lot more.

    1. Maybe in your home, but drunken and ravenous customers are very hard to predict. Next thing you know, you're asking someone to leave and buying someone else a drink.

    2. ... and what to do if the host of the home is drunken and ravenous?

      I'm just asking in the interest of self awareness.

  6. your food posts are always so amazing to me. so much more seafood than I'm used to eating!