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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Monday with Charley

After talking about it for a couple of years now, Charley and I 
finally got out for a sail on our home waters.  We sailed on Bay 
Rhumb, out of Forked River, on a gorgeous fall Monday.
  I fully planned on coming home that afternoon loaded 
with pictures and anecdotes, ready to have a couple of cocktails
and attack the laptop at full speed.  It was when I stopped for
corn and tomatoes on the way back that I realized I left my camera 
on the boat, hanging on the gear shifter, seen in the second photo
of Charley's post, chronicling said outing.  Luckily, the Park Ranger 
on duty at the marina was able to board my boat and bring the
camera safely to the office until the weekend.  So much for highlights
of the day.  No worries.  Sandscraper did an exemplary job of 
providing photos and riveting commentary during our 21 minute
trip back up the river to the State Marina.  If you have a spare 21
minutes to watch the clip, it'll give you an idea of what we see on 
our way home every time we sail.  The sound is kinda low, so use 
headphones if you've got 'em.  I always say that the trip down 
the river and back is just as enjoyable for me as the time sailing on 
the bay. It gives me an opportunity to anticipate the day as well as 
to reflect on the day we just had. I gotta get one of them Go-Pros.

I'll post a couple of photos when I get my camera back, but my friend
has done our day of sailing some serious justice. 


  1. Just bought a new camera. (I'm embarrassed to say I threw the last one overboard in frustration during a race. Very un-green thing to do.) I considered a Go-Pro briefly, but I think I don't really like the distortions one gets. Happy with my new Nikon COOLPIX 10X Wide. If I can just keep the sand out of it!

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  2. Doc,
    GoPro is or has developed a new lens that takes out the distortion, especially for underwater use. I too own a CoolPix 24x that is the one that had the dead battery. Should have taken the little Casio, it never fails.