829 Southdrive

829 Southdrive

A New Jersey state of mind

Sunday, December 11, 2011


9 years old and an E-scow veteran. Dad, time to pass 
me back my cigar.  And I hope you didn't goob it up. 

14 and already letting Mike the Jibman and my Stepmom 
untangle the spinnaker for the next race.  Because you know,
when you're fourteen you know everything and are responsible
for nothing.  

Hiking more than Jill but less than Mike.  Hey, he was heavily
recruited and she had the job automatically.  This is all tongue-
in-cheek of course, and points out how a kid who grows up 
sailing with his parents from the git-go can sometimes become
disenchanted with the glamour of racing sailboats morning and
afternoon every summer Saturday since Richard Nixon was
elected President of the United States.  

By this point in 1986, I had re-acquired my appreciation for
the grind of the BBYRA racing schedule.  I was such a big
guy that Bob decided to eliminate the fourth crewmember,
and since backstays were at that point a thing of the past, 
um well, we were good. And still a little heavy.


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  2. Okay, Rockstar. You have cred. Paid your dues. I give you that. Plus, you can cook.

  3. I take pride in my ability to be a counter weight when hiking out. K hardly makes a dent in the weight and balance sheet.

    We'd make a good team Baydog - you cook and keep me up to the task. :)

    I met Nixon, by the way - in a Mexican restaurant near White House West soon after he, um, "retired" the office. He looked short to me, even though they say he was 2.5 inches taller. No way! Maybe it was his phlebitis.

    Great pics.

    WV: sublabi - a medical term that should not be discussed around children.

  4. My good friend Bob just retired to Sarasota Fl. where there's a guy down there singlehandedly building an E-scow fleet. Bob and his friend Ted have bought one from this fellow and having a great time racing these beasts. Great pictures. Still not sure when you transitioned from the Lightning to Penguin to the E-scow?

  5. Tweezer: I never raced in my Dad's Lightning; too young. About equal time between E-Scows, Penguins, M-Scows, and Lasers. The chronology becomes fuzzy, well before I started drinking. Well, maybe not too well before. Shhhhhhhhh.
    It's widely known that sailors don't typically drink that much :)