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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Blue Blazer

Museum docent or NBC page, I had the look:  Blue blazer
with blue cotton oxford button down, and a striped tie.
Classic yacht club attire, and since it was after Labor Day, 
dark slacks- no khakis.  Hans was still in Good Humor man 
mode.  Hey, ice cream is a year-round treat.  We were no
doubt ready to go to a Christmas Eve service, and it looks
like Mom took the bottom strand of gingerbread man cookies
from the tree and hung them around the kitchen doorframe.
Dachshunds love gingerbread man cookies.

Foiled again!  They'll slip up eventually.  They're only human.


  1. My East Coast Envy (ECE) does not extend to the dress code. Alas.... I'm better off where I am.

    But I'll take that Varsity Club Canine (VCC) off your hands in a New York Minute (NYM)

  2. Hmmm, are we looking at the products of a Brownie Hawkeye?

    How much of American history would have been lost to us without that simple camera?

  3. I think it was a cheap Kodak Instamatic, out of focus. I remember having the little ice-cube shaped flashbulbs. Out of curiosity, what would the telltale signs be of having used a Brownie Hawkeye?

  4. Yeah, we never had anything more complicated than

  5. The Hawkeye was the cheap little camera of the '50s that preceded the Instamatic of the '60s.

    Like the Instamatic, it produced square images, but was used at waist level which seems to be the perspective from which these photos were taken.

    Since most of your other old family photos are rectangular, I was wondering. I don't know why I wonder about things like that.

    Brownie Hawkeyes were as common as hula hoops and Davy Crockett coonskin caps. If you find one today, it will probably still be working and making the same fuzzy pictures it did back then.

  6. My very first camera,I believe, was a Kodak Brownie 127. Before that our family always used one of those box cameras held at waist level.

  7. I remember those flash cubes as well, Baydog, especially the pungent (and strangely pleasing) plastic odor after they expired.

    My guess is that the photog, rather than shooting at waist level, was crouching on bended knee to capture the proud glory of her loins.

    ... I'm speaking of Baydog and Hans, of course.

    Maxie (?) seen in her usual position.

  8. Baydog, how lucky you were!

    You must have learned very early in life the sound of one Hans clapping.

  9. And Baydog's nephew is a spittin' image of his dad.

    Two Hans better than one!

  10. And regarding your blue blazer ("establishment") pose, Baydog...

    ... Hans over fist?

    Occupy Princeton may now have you in its sights.

  11. Give the guy a Hans

  12. Woof!

    Guys, please lay off the double entendre re my master. He is Hans down a dog's best friend.

    BTW - wish I had known that VCC!


  13. Looking at the ashes in the fireplace, who the hell was in charge of shoveling them, and how could you shove one more sheet of the Inquirer under there for tinder?