829 Southdrive

829 Southdrive

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sailing Jones

It's been only a month since the boat's been on the hard.  Forked
River is directly across the bay from Barnegat Inlet, then North 
a touch.  I haven't even winterized the head and pressure water
yet, and I'm already verklempt.  The State Marina wants their 
money for next summer though, and if it's not in by 12/31, we're
up Oyster Creek without a paddle.  At least the water is warm
from the power plant there.  Doh!

Winter is great.  I love snow and skiing on top of it.  I think I'm 
more in my element then because I can deal with extreme cold
much easier than oppressive heat.  But there's something about
Summer.  I grew up around a lot of cousins who taught me how
 to catch a crab in a net, how to seine for bait, how to dive off the
piling on the end of the catwalk, and how to get a hot dog on the
patio before they were all gone.  Apparently in this photo I hadn't 
learned that lesson yet.  But there was plenty of time for that.
I can't wait for Summer.


  1. I like the photo because it's an unposed moment - unusual in most family albums - filled with detail of folks just being folks.

    And look, they used to make lawn furniture out of real wood, umbrellas out of real canvas, and fringe out of real fringe, just because that was a nice thing to do.

    You may have missed out on a dog, but there's an unclaimed wiener in the background, or half of one.

  2. One rule: If you can have endless summer, seasons are overrated.

  3. Why did our mothers/fathers give us those high and tight military hair cuts, every picture I look at from that same age I am sporting that same "Gung Ho" cut. Why could they have not let our Freak Flags Fly! Then maybe we wouldn't be such freaks in college.................not