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829 Southdrive

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Should We Worry?

The man sitting in the Adirondack chair is playing games with my
head.  He'd taken a break from blogging just before THXG  and 
gone on holiday in the Caribbean.  He'd done this in the past, and
upon returning he'd posted stories of his experiences on the idyllic
 isle of Virgin Gorda.   He wrote about rum drinks, sailing Hobie
sailboats, and feeling fulfilled after sailing with Tillerwoman.

This year, he's been very tight-lipped about the whole vacation
thing and frankly, I'm a bit concerned.  I (we all) were expecting
a full, entertaining, and insightful report on the goings on down there
at 18 degrees 30' 17" N , and 64 degrees 21' 19" W.  

He and the other dude who I consider to be my Blidols (blogging
idols), have not been very fruitful in the posting department as of
 late and I wonder what this may mean.  Say it isn't so. 


  1. The Sly Sage of Tiverton loves nothing more than to stir speculation about his future postings, Baydog, so his extended hiatus could be nothing more than a ploy to raise suspense.

    Note how he shrewdly worded his Thanksgiving post so that it could be read as a final goodbye piece.

    Personally, I think that like the Norwegian Blue Parrot (beautiful plumage), his blog isn't dead, it's just sleeping. He's probably taking a rest from blogging to stretch his synapses. Of course, up there in the great barren north where he lives, his keyboard may have just frozen solid, forcing him to wait for the spring thaw to resume.

    But whatever he's up to, it's probably no good.

  2. At least O hasn't left the building. So let's raise our glasses to that and the eventual return of our errant dear old salty sir. (I imagine that he's passed out wearing his Santa suit in a strip club next to the Massachusetts Turnpike.)

  3. Joe, quite frankly, I'd rather not imagine that.

  4. Could this be your missing friend?

  5. That's about as good a response as the 'Glue Factory' photo!

  6. I think it's clear that he has just left the building. I have seen a comment of his sometime after Turkey Day. So, I am seconding Agony Aunt for the time being.

  7. Hey, has anyone seen Agent 83 lately?

    ... very suspicious

  8. Agent 83 was last seen in his Santa suit sailing a Sunfish down the New Jersey turnpike with two strippers. God speed John Glenn!