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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Friends!


Christmas Eve was never complete without this 
very book.  I will be reading aloud this evening.

With every new page, Santa and his reindeer would change looks.
Grandma was very creative and it kept things interesting.  

I could never understand how people had Christmas in Florida 
when there was no snow.  How could there be Christmas 
without snow, Charlie Brown?

Talk about someone finding their true life's calling
in their 70's.  She's right up there with Wyeth and
Rockwell as far as originality, if you ask me.

You can vote any way you want. But Merry Christmas!


  1. Guaraldi is one of my heroes. I think he's underappreciated by the jazz know-it-alls.

    If you like the Charlie Brown stuff and want to hear more, try this.


  2. I'm a jazz know-nothing, and maybe that's why I appreciate him so much. Peace back atcha brother. And all of yours.

  3. When I lived in Hawaii I used to wonder how people could have Christmas without sunny beaches.

    Mele Kalikimaka, メリークリスマス snow or no

  4. No snow here, but plenty of good cheer!

    What will the new year bring? Can't wait.


  5. Merry Christmas!

    Rain not snow here but maybe just as well given holiday travels

  6. Grandma Moses is my inspiration. I'm not even going to think about what field of endeavor I'm going to be a genius in until I turn 70.

  7. I hope you had a great Christmas and plenty of punch and rum spiced eggnog!

  8. My sister & I used to think snow at Christmas would be neat.

    Our mother, born & raised in Basking Ridge, always told us that yup, it was pretty on the first morning, but after that, it would turn dirty and gray (and yellow) and you'd just want it to go away.

    Mom was right and I would now give my eyeteeth to spend the holiday where they "know that Christmas will be green and bright". OK, realistically there's a pretty good chance of rain, and you might need to wear a sweater, but still...sigh.

    Actually, we had a nice compromise during the time we were in Vallejo - it never snowed there, but we could go VISIT the snow up in the Sierra Nevadas.

    I've been happy with the holiday weather so far - paddling Christmas Eve Day, went to see the windows tonight without complete loss of sensation in the fingers (although the warm weather brought out hordes!), paddling & picking whatever's left of my unharvested chard tomorrow (love chard, so tough!), and maybe just maybe a sail on Thursday (fingers crossed!)

  9. Right on, Bonnie.

    California has the best snow management laws in the country. We keep snow up in the mountains where it belongs and prohibit it in areas where people would have to drive through it to get to work.

    I'm amazed that so many eastern and mid-western states refuse to adopt these common sense policies.

  10. And a belated Merry Christmas to you and yours Dave.

    Let's set up a Sizzle one of these days.