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829 Southdrive

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Went Down To Tuck The Boat In

Every year I say, "I'm gonna replace those crooked, cheap-ass
black registration numbers with some nice, fake, gold-leaf numbers.
I'll use a straight edge and tape measure.  Then next spring, we get 
down to the boat two weeks later than we planned,  to paint and 
buff, and have to go home early because the alarm is going off or
 some dumb-ass reason, and ...........  I wonder if anyone even 
looks at those registration numbers.

Telephone pole:  crooked.  Bay Rhumb and the next two boats:
plumb.  Fourth boat:  bow-down and will have frozen rain-water
at the bow 'til March.  It's already rained hard a few times and I've
had great drainage on-deck.  One thing I need not worry about
this winter. Sugarplums dancing now.  

The way home. Sunset in Cream Ridge, 4:45 pm. 
 Man, it gets dark early!


  1. It do get dark early. I am having to take vitamin D supplements and crank up the full spectrum fluorescent tubes to stave off depression. Thankfully, Winter Equinox is coming soon!

    "Let the sun shine, let the sun shine in..."

  2. Forget about the registration numbers, have a drink instead.

  3. That's how the numbers got crooked in the first place.

  4. http://www.uscgboating.org/, federal requirements:

    'numbers must be…permanently attached, read from left to right, of a color contrasting with the background color of the hull. No less than 3" in height."

    well, if your hull is not gold-plated, you're ok with gold-leafing!!! :D

  5. Thanks for the guidelines, Coastie!

  6. Since the numbers are permanent, they really should be painted on. I know a girl who does really good numbers. As a matter of fact, she can do any number you want or need.

  7. Did she happen to paint the number forty three on herself? I think I know how to get in touch with her.

  8. If she would paint numbers on herself, I don't think they would be 'crooked numbers'. If you met her, you would probably suggest just a one and a zero.

  9. I've been thinking about ordering new numbers as a set - one single vinyl(?) graphic that has the full letter/number combo. beats buying individually stick-on house numbers from the hardware store.

  10. We actually designed the "Bay Rhumb" transom lettering online and they shipped a vinyl sheet that we pressed on with a plastic wallpaper smoother. It worked like a charm. The previous owner must have been medicated when he put my numbers on!