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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's All About the Barnegat Bay

If you looked across the bay at this point and then to the right,
North about 200 yards, you'd see the familiar Beaton's skyline.
This Mantoloking family was, and still is in my mind, one of the
most familiar and recognizable presences on Barnegat Bay.
That lime green Penguin gave me and my Dad fits for several
years on the Bay and around Region II.  Those Lasers were no 
doubt sub-1000 in the hull number department.  And the Duck
Boat?  I wouldn't even venture a guess.

These brothers made mincemeat of the bay for years, and the 
skipper sails to this day in an E-scow.  He's won scores of
regattas, local and national.  I love the wooden deck on this M
 and how far forward the whisker pole was set.  I know they grew 
up in Manasquan, but I wonder where Billy got the red jersey.  
It reminds me of my school's colors, a school that was and is a
fierce rival of the Warriors in the next town over.

There must've been a big regatta coming up.  Skip, far right, 
provided the rig and the other skippers figured if they brought
the Rheingold, they could pile on for the trip. Who ever stacks 
M-scows on trailers?  Besides Skip?

And on the roof-top as well?


  1. Awesome! You have to love Barnegat Bay.

    When I first moved to the US and lived in inland New Jersey in 1989 I headed down to the bay to find Laser racing action for me and Optimist regattas for my kids.

    It quickly became apparent that it was one of those areas where everyone knew everyone else and sailing was very much a family affair. But it was also a crowd that was very welcoming to a family of outsiders like us. The folks at Lavallette YC especially went out of their way to make us feel at home.

    I love your photos of Barnegat Bay sailors from decades ago, and I am also intrigued by the crumbs of information you drop about the players.

    Who are those brothers, one of whom is Billy? Campbell perhaps? If so, isn't Bill the father of Andrew the US Laser rep at the last Olympics?

    And that picture of Skip and the trailer of M-Scows. Who is the lady on the trailer and who is the little kid by the wheel? Anyone we might know?

  2. This post leaves me with an acute sense of jealousy!!!

  3. I was part of that "Big Blue" tradition for four years while attending MHS. I was first introduced to Beaton's during that time and to this day I still enjoy that boat yard whether I am immersed in some project or just hanging around jawing with friends. I never tire of that place, maybe I'll have some of my ashes spread there (don't tell anyone).

  4. Love that header picture. Please keep it for ever. That's Viper, Mary Ann and Lotus I assume?

    And I see Spyder is for sale?

  5. Bill and Dick Wight were sailing the M. Billy Campbell grew up in Toms River. Cliff is his Dad and Andrew's Grandfather. Cliff is another Barnegat Bay legend.

    The scow stack must have been in preparation for a midwest regatta. That was at the East dock at Bay Head Yacht Club in '68 or 9. Doug Love was shirtless on the top, with Duncan Skinner and Peggy Love behind. Bill Fortenbaugh with the glasses, Henry Bossett, Skip, and Bill's son Michael sucking his thumb. He's currently the Commodore of Manhattan Yacht Club.

    Vapor, and you want to go in on Spyder with me?

  6. Well done for posting a picture of the commodore of a swanky yacht club sucking his thumb! I was actually wondering if that was you.

    I must admit for a few seconds I did have this wild fantasy of splurging all of my retirement savings on Spyder and a house on the Jersey shore, and asking you to round up some of your Barnegat Bay buddies to be a crew for us.

  7. A source tells me the Jed Clampett road show was to get to the Blue Chip Regatta at Lake Geneva Wisconsin. Henry and Duncan won.

  8. Have you sailed a Melonseed or Jersey skiff?