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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Rome Layover

Watch this only if you have fifteen minutes.

I've watched this program two or three times and there is no other
food show on TV that makes me want to get up and frickin eat
something as much as this one.  Tony Bourdain speaks my
language, and has for many years.  Every Single Effing Place he
goes makes me squirm and wish I were there.

This pizza guy, Gabriele Bonci, is someone I want to meet.  I want to
hug him, kiss him on each cheek, and spend the whole day with him.
He is so passionate about his craft.  His pizzas look extraordinary.
And the rice croquettes with the egg yolks? (sorry O Docker) They
look positively mind-blowing.  He's a big guy like me, and someone
with whom I can identify.  Really, I feel like I've known this guy
for a long time.  His place is not far from the Vatican.  I wish I had
known this in '05.

In June 2005, after an all-night flight from Newark and a quick
nap in the hotel, we made our way to St. Peter's Square to see the
Pope.  Afterward, we found the closest pizza joint to grab something
to eat.  They boasted NY style pizza.  I was too tired and hungry to
protest.  I should have.  And after seeing this episode the other
night, I would have agreed to venture a bit further.


  1. Had pizza at Bonci's three day's in a row.Good.. Here is a you-tube of Bonci making bread http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LhRflETfcGA add some EVOO and you have his Pizza Dough

  2. I turn half a century this February and my wife and I decided to celebrate that horrific event by going to Costa Rica, then I watched your video. We will now be eating pizza at Bonci's place breakfast, lunch and dinner. Did they say the dough had a 200 year starter? Also I was in in the Jewish quarter of Rome, my wife being a member of the tribe wanted to visit, very cool, the only thing a little unsettling was the Synagog being guarded my police with automatic weapons.

  3. It's no wonder! Bonci is your brother from another mother. It was as if I was watching you speaking Italian. Uncanny.

    I have a big smile on my face imagining you and him together in the kitchen, "in fiamme"!

    Et vino vita!!

  4. Bourdain's one of the few bits of TV I watch regularly anymore. I even look up his old stuff when I want something chewy to watch. I like his food, his places, the way he thinks, and the way he works the language. But I hadn't seen the new show, so I looked this up and watched the whole deal - with Bourdain, you can't call them episodes, can you?

    I don't know any Italian, but I seemed to understand everything Bonci was saying anyway. I know dis guy from Sout' Philly, da Burg, or somewheres.

  5. Oh yeah, one more thing.

    I really liked how, in Bonci's language, the phrase 'Shut up!' becomes an affirmative statement.

  6. Shut up, shut up, shut up..........so great!